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Our Products


The Cloud communication APP with dynamic integration technology

Today the solutions readily available to every industry for effective internal and external communication in a professional environment are very limited. Though the existing communication Apps provides an easy and convenient solution in terms of cost effectiveness and reachability they are still restricting the freedom of communication to more of a non-reliable personalized manner rather than helping in the professional atmosphere of an organization without any scalability and accountability.

Alerts Buddy - Changing the way an organization communicates professionally both internally and externally Communication is the lifeline of every relation and we understand it more than anyone. It’s time to change the way an organization communicate professionally and to lead that change. Introducing for the first time in the world a revolutionary solution for all your professional communication hassles in the form of your own cloud based customized APP from Alerts Buddy. The communication APP launched in the name of the organization will be thecustomized solution for all the organization’s professional communication needs both internally and externally.

Team Alerts buddy always believed in building a long term, sustainable and beneficial partnership with all our customers by staying ahead of the competition and by providing tailor made solutions in communications that always took everyone by surprise. Be it a Banking and Insurance & Financial companies, Educational institutes, Food and beverages sector, Health Care, Media & Entertainment companies, Radio stations , Travel & Logistic industry, to professionals like doctors, real estate firms, and lawyers/attorneys all are looking for various ways to reach effectively to their prospective customers or target audience. When future beckons today to move on with tomorrow’s cloud communication means and be that change be the first to welcome the change today…