DreamWeaver Business Solutions

Our Mission

Our mission is to innovate and create solutions for profitability and success. We provide integrated and synergistic digital marketing solutions for our clients world wide as well as evolve new strategies to fill the gap in organizational communication among our clients.

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Our Vision

Communication is the life line of every relationship and as a company whose roots are firmly places on relations we are driven by our passion for understanding the missing communication gaps and thus evolving new strategies and solutions to bridge the gap.

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Our Strategy

Life is not all about success and money alone its also about living and leading a life the right way realizing the dream or goal by nurturing our interpersonal relations. All our strategies to achieve our mission starts from this motto about life.

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About DreamWeaver

We are a market leader specialized in providing custom made Information Technology and Management consulting solutions to over 1000+ clients span across India, Middle east and Asia Pacific region since 2009. The best practices we put forward in strategy, innovation, problem solving and business transformation across various industries spanning from Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Automobiles, SME’s and Retail sector have helped us in getting the recognition as a industry leader in Performance Excellence. Over the years, we have partnered with clients to help them take better decisions, translate actions into results and create sustainable business advantage in business and to effectively estimate, manage, implement, deploy, and administer the Information Technology systems

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Like any other start up the idea for establishing a venture for innovative online messaging solutions came up among our founding team members in January 2009 and the company was floated on June 2009. Since then we had changed positively the way of communication among all our clients. Keeping innovation and entrepreneurial spirit at heart we have today grown from a local start up to having presence globally.


As part of our expansion plans we hired innovators, creative thinkers, team players, customer service advocates, technology experts, and top-performing individuals of all kinds. We hired and still hire experienced professionals and entry-level career seekers, who are equally passionate about our connection to the communities we serve and the world we share. Most of all, we hire people who are driven by the excitement of what’s coming next and eager to do their part to make it happen.


Expanding a business is a good opportunity to prove how ‘business worthy’ you are! We have tried to stick to this plan ever since our company was launched in 2009. Bringing innovations in products and equally catering to a larger client base so that their business gets benefitted has been our agenda ever since its inception. To focus on this agenda we had to grow and still does.


Since inception we believed that doing the right thing sets the foundation for long-term success. This rich legacy has sustained with in us for past 7 years. Today, as an aspiring innovator in nourishing the way our clients communicate, we remain just as committed to this belief. Our customers, shareholders, employees and communities count on us to uphold this commitment and we know that our continued success depends on it.


We have understood from our past experience that the key point to be taken care on employeeproductivity and efficiency is to recognize the value of your employees. We always have our own ways of motivating our employees that results in better performance and increased productivity which are deep rooted out of five keys namely satisfaction, appreciation, recognition, inspiration and compensation. As entrepreneurs, we are aware of the challenge to maintain a positively engaged workforce — a workforce that is productive on a consistent basis, and capable of continuous improvement.


We believe in our skilled work force, our innovative products and the practical knowledge we gained from the past 7 years of meritorious service to our global clients. From the inception stage in 2009 we have always focussed to come out with innovative products that help in improvising the efficiency and productivity of our global clients. We still does it. New innovations are under development that can significantly increase the consistency and improve the way our clients communicate. We are seeking new horizons to reach more of our wanna be clients through partnership programmes in various sub continents. Hope to serve more with much better efficiency soon